Implementing a New Chargemaster Management Policy in a Hospital

Implementing a New Chargemaster Management Policy in a Hospital

Effective chargemaster management extends beyond setting up new codes correctly. Sometimes, it takes completely revamping your policy and processes. This can help streamline the process and decrease turnaround time. Additionally, it can be a good time to retrain your staff. 

Plan Your Policy

While staff at smaller offices may be wondering what a chargemaster is, managers who work at large hospitals know how important it is. Therefore, you need to take some time to plan out your new policy and processes, potentially with the help of a chargemaster consulting company, to streamline them. 

Implement the Process

Once you have created your new process, you need to decide on a manager and department staff. This team will be responsible for handling patient accounts, corporate compliance, and information systems. After deciding on this team, it is time to start them working with your new process. Introduce the form to your manager and then let the staff start working with it. These new codes may take some time to stick, especially for team members who have worked at your hospital for a lengthy time. 

Educate Your Staff

As you implement the process, you are going to need to retrain your staff. You can start by creating a reference book, but you will also want to hold educational sessions. The information they need to know includes team contact information, key charge elements, new charge request process, reporting information, policies for auditing, auditing tips, and a glossary of terms. 

Monitor Progress

The next step is to check on your progress. After incorporating the new processes, examine your turnaround times and ensure they are shorter. This will tell you if your strategy has been helpful or if you should consider revisiting it. If your new system doesn’t yield any benefits, return to the planning stage and start again. 

Reap the Benefits

Your new management system should give you a lot of benefits. This can range from simplifying procedures to automating specific steps of the process. You will also likely notice that a new approach is more accurate than your last. Once you have finished redesigning and implementing your chargemaster management system, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits. 

Sometimes, it is necessary to redesign your chargemaster policy and procedure. Creating a good process can offer simplicity and accuracy. Follow these steps to develop and integrate a new process effectively. Then, sit back and watch the benefits of a fresh system start working. 

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