4 Industries That Need Air Filters

4 Industries That Need Air Filters

There are many types of industrial air filters, including ionic, carbon, high-efficiency particulate absorbing, and UV light air filters. These filters can eliminate pollutants from the air or create the right conditions for people to conduct air-sensitive applications. A plethora of industries need to use filters to address health and safety concerns and ascertain that their products meet quality standards. Look into sterile air filters VA to learn more about the different types of air filters on the market and what each type can accomplish. Check out this list of four industries that need to utilize air filters. 

1. Agriculture

The agriculture industry needs air filtration to deal with all the particles that run through the atmosphere within its facilities. Many of these particles come from diesel smoke, welding fumes, paint spray, and grinding dust. Air filters remove these contaminants, creating a safer, more breathable environment in various agricultural plant and livestock buildings. They also increase the quality levels of the materials in this industry, which is crucial since they are utilized to make solid food items and beverages. 

2. Automotive

Individuals in the automotive industry have to develop and assemble metal car components and apply paint on them. These processes often release chemicals, such as carbon monoxide, isocyanates, and polyurethane, into the air. Not only do people in this industry manufacture car parts, but they also handle equipment that releases large amounts of dirt and debris. Filters help improve the air quality within car manufacturing establishments.

3. Aviation

Those who work in the aviation industry must manufacture parts, maintain the condition of jets and planes, and repair broken machines. Harmful particles, such as wood, composite, and sanding dust, are often let into the air of aviation development and restoration spaces. These particles can damage an individual’s lungs or trigger his or her allergies. Fortunately, industrial filters can extract them from the air. 

4. Plastic

The plastic and fiberglass fabrication industry has a high volume of goods to produce, especially now that more and more people are recycling their plastic bottles and bags. The processes that take place in this industry often cause fiberglass and plastic dust to enter the air. Thankfully, industrial filters can reduce dust levels and cultivate a healthier atmosphere.

Many industries can benefit from the air filters that ventilation and purification companies sell. Hopefully, in the future, more people will invent a greater number of advanced filtration devices.

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