How to Choose Your First Firearm

How to Choose Your First Firearm

Whether you’re just getting into guns or have an extensive collection collection at home, choosing a new firearm can be an exciting experience. For first-time gun buyers, there are a lot of considerations to account for before going to the store and choosing your firearm. You might spend a few days researching models or speaking with experts to find out what you really need. You might even go to the shooting range and try a friend’s guns to see which one feels right. All these are great ideas, but there are some things you have to figure out before you look at buying or financing your next firearm.


Think of your gun as a tool. Every tool in your home has a purpose and so should your firearm. Most people buy guns for one of two reason: hunting or self-defense. Guns used for self-defense usually stay in the home on on your person, so let’s look at those in this article. If you’re looking for something solely to protect your home, a shotgun is a good option. It’s difficult to hide, easy to use, and tends to scare people off before you ever have to fire a round. If you’re looking for something you can carry with you, then a pistol might be more your speed. Pistols come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but a small snub-nose might be the easiest for you to conceal.


There’s some debate about what type of pistols are best for self-defense. One camp favors an automatic pistol, which can hold more rounds and use magazines for easier reloading. Others prefer a revolver with the standard six-shot cylinder. It takes longer to reload, but also tends to have less functional problems than an automatic. Choosing your type of pistol goes back to what you’re using it for. If you keep it purely for self-defense, odds are you won’t need more than six bullets. But if you use it as part of your job or for more than just feeling safe, you might like having the extra rounds. No matter what you choose, make sure to do your research first and be sure you can safely handle and store the gun you buy it.

Choosing your first gun is a unique experience, so make sure you’ve done your research, determined your purpose, and picked the right type of firearm for you before you buy.

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