3 Ways to Protect Your Electronics from Hackers

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to take advantage of online customers. That means your online shopping accounts and electronic banking information are susceptible to phishing attacks and other cyber threats. You must take the proper steps needed to protect data on your electronic devices from intruders who have no business stealing or manipulating […]


Know How to Handle Fraud

Anyone can be a victim of fraud. If you find yourself in this situation, you should know what your options are. What is Fraud? Fraud takes place when another person deceives you to access your financial resources or sensitive information. You may encounter several different types of fraud. Some scammers target your investments, while others try […]

Security Social Media

Tips for Managing Crisis Situations on Social Media

The proliferation of social media makes it a great place to communicate about crisis situations. However, the tool requires using specific strategies that allow for effective communication. Not to mention that each platform has its own rules of use. Here are some tips to capitalize on this effective marketing tool. Plan Ahead Effective crisis communication starts by […]