4 Types of Glock Upgrades

4 Types of Glock Upgrades

One of the things that many people love about their Glock is the ability to customize it. There are many aftermarket parts that can be purchased to modify the look and functionality of the gun and personalize it according to the owner’s specifications.  

1. Trigger

One of the most popular modifications people make is Glock trigger upgrades. The replacement triggers can be used by people who want to compete to have an edge when competing in shooting competitions or by people who would simply prefer to have a different feel when they pull the trigger.

2. Grip

It is important to feel comfortable and secure holding the gun. If the grip that comes with the gun does not feel right for some reason, then it can be changed. There are different ways to modify the existing grip on a Glock. Check out the different grip enhances, extenders and handalls that are available from different vendors. Try to test out different models before buying one to ensure it is the right choice, as it can be difficult to tell from a picture if anything will fit correctly in the hand. As with most other upgrades, they can come in a variety of shapes and colors.

3. Barrel

Another change that can be made is replacing the barrel. This can drastically alter the look of the gun, as they come in different designs and color schemes. They can be a helpful upgrade for anyone who wants to shoot lead bullets safely and accurately, as the standard barrel is not built to handle them that well. They could also be replaced in order to get an advantage during competitions.

4. Sight

Glocks come with decent sights that can be used decently by most shooters. However, people who are accustomed to using a different type of sight may not prefer to get something else. There are many kinds of styles available to choose from, allowing the look and feel of the gun to be different once it has been installed.

Look around at the available upgrade options and, if possible, experiment with different modification types before making a purchase. Many people who are enthusiastic about their guns are happy to show off what they have and explain how and why any modifications were made. Talk to a professional when making a purchase to ensure the proper items are purchased, as it can be dangerous to incorrectly modify a firearm.

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