Tools to Help When Your Job Keeps You Outside

Tools to Help When Your Job Keeps You Outside

A nine to five office job isn’t everyone’s dream. Some people prefer nontraditional hours or working outdoors. If your job keeps you out and about, try these items out to increase your personal comfort and safety levels. 

Travel Mugs and Drinkware

Just because you start the day outdoors doesn’t mean you want to skip that extra cup of coffee. Look for double-walled, stainless steel, insulated travel mugs and thermoses to keep drinks (and even some foods) warm. The vacuum seal helps keep liquids at a constant temperature for hours at a time, so you can even stop for a mid-morning break if you prefer. 

Backpacks and Bags

Unlike your friends who stock their supplies, snacks, and gadgets into desk drawers, you have to carry yours with you. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to keep some stuff in your vehicle. However, if you don’t get to check in often, you’ll want to have a pack or bag that can accommodate all of your stuff. 

A large pocket for tech devices like laptops or tablets is a must. Find a bag that has individual pockets for your cell phone and earbuds or another Bluetooth device. A separate pocket for food can help keep it out of your tech gear. Make sure that any carry straps or handles feel comfortable, too, even when the bag is fully loaded. 

The Right Clothes

You’ll want to wear the right clothes for the conditions, too. Build a solid foundation by wearing comfortable and supportive shoes that promote proper alignment of your body. In cold weather, you’ll want to top it all off with a hat. If there are concerns for safety, add a versatile concealment vest to keep personal items and protection close to your chest. Layers will help you adjust to going in and out of buildings. 

Every job is different, and the gear you choose should be suitable for whatever yours might throw your way. Find items that are functional while giving you a chance to show your personal style. 

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