Understanding the Different Types of Printers

Understanding the Different Types of Printers

Many companies require some kind of printing to fulfill their purpose. However, people may not realize that the term “printer” can refer to many items. Review these types to see which works best for your company’s needs.

Inkjet Printers

If your company generally prints on letter-sized paper and only creates memos, letters and flyers, an inkjet printer is probably a good option. You may also have one at your house for personal printing. These printers have an ink cartridge filled with liquid ink that you have to replace. The printer then uses this ink to print the necessary content. Although many inkjet printers are designed to print letter-sized paper, you can buy them for larger projects as well.

Flexo Printers

Medical industries often find a use for flexography, or flexo printing, as many people call it. In this kind of printing, a plate is prepared with an image and wrapped around a cylinder. Then, the image receives ink and is imprinted onto whichever medium is called for. Options include paper, plastic and metal. Sometimes a composite blade is used to ensure that the ink level stays equal throughout the printing process.

Laser Printers

An alternative to the inkjet printer is the laser printer. This kind of printer uses a laser to apply toner, a kind of ground-up plastic, to a piece of paper. This type of printing is thought to be faster and better-quality than inkjet printing. You also do not have to worry about ink smearing on a recent print job. Like with an ink printer, you will need to buy new toner cartridges when your old one runs low.

Before purchasing a printer for your company, take some time to understand the benefits and characteristics of each type so that you can make an informed decision about which model you really need.

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