The Different Types of Casters You Can Find

The Different Types of Casters You Can Find

There are many different options when it comes to buying casters. Here is a guide to help you decide on the perfect ones for your shop. 

Extra Heavy Duty

These can handle loads up to 40,000 pounds. They are for the toughest jobs that heavy-duty casters can’t handle. 


Kingpinless casters are somewhere between extra heavy and heavy-duty. They are tough and can be used for a lot of applications. They are a more recent development in the industry. However, they are relatively cheap and maintenance-free. 


Heavy-duty wheels can handle over 3,000 pounds of weight. They are usually made from forged steel and come with great warranties. 


These can handle extra heavy loads. This is because the double wheels offer maximum capacity, lower heights, and added stability. You can find dual-wheel Hamilton casters in a variety of sizes. 


These can handle heavier loads than a heavy-duty caster. They also offer maximum cushion, quiet operation, and easy rolling. They are very popular for high-value equipment or items that must move quickly. 


These can handle similar weights as the Kingpinless casters. They are often available in a V-groove or Flange type. They are commonly used to make equipment move along a track in a production line like fashion. These high-capacity wheels fit into a groove, so the weight is not on your floor, and you don’t have to worry about floor damage. 


Stainless steel wheels are often medium weight wheels. However, they are necessary if your shop has many corrosive chemicals or other hazards that demand resistant materials. They are also an attractive option because of their finish. 

Shock Absorbing

These wheels can handle roughly 10,000 pounds. They are also great at reducing noise, protecting cargo, and extending the life of your casters. You can find them available in floating axle designs and more aerodynamic patterns. 

High Heat

These wheels are available in a variety of weight tolerances. They are great for shops that experience high temperatures. 


Speed casters are just as strong as Kingpenless wheels. They are a recent development in the world of casters. These wheels can carry heavy loads across smooth indoor or rough outdoor terrain at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. They tend to come in larger sizes. 


These wheels can handle medium weight loads. However, they are designed to reduce workplace injury by maintaining low push and pull requirements and meeting safety regulations

Whatever application you are purchasing for, you are bound to find a caster that meets your needs. There is a wide variety on the market that all offer different benefits. 

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