5 Science Fiction Ideas That Are Becoming Reality

5 Science Fiction Ideas That Are Becoming Reality

It’s easy to overlook the amazing world you live in if you don’t take a step back to put it all in perspective. Now is the most exciting time to be alive as the science fiction ideas of yesteryear have become today’s reality. These are just some of those advancements that were little more than fairytales not so long ago.

Video Calls

Although the technology has been around for decades, the proliferation of technology like smartphones coupled with the necessity of staying connected while staying apart has been a boon for video calls. Everything from online learning to remote health monitoring has become part of everyday life for so many. It’s changing the way people work, learn, visit their doctor, and even celebrate.

Routine Space Travel

People have dreamed of leaving Earth in search of bold new adventures for centuries, but that dream is quickly becoming a reality. Up until now, it was a privilege reserved for elite astronauts. However, it may soon be within reach for the average person through the innovations of companies like SpaceX. There may come a time when a trip to the moon as routine as a trip to the grocery store.

Driverless Cars

The prospect of spending your commute reading or napping may be just around the corner as manufacturers have become serious about their self-driving car designs. With some companies already testing and tweaking their versions, it won’t be long until the driving is left to a computer program.

Biological Optimization

Because they’re already so popular and integrated into daily life, you may forget that having a remote health monitoring tool strapped to your wrist all day to encourage better health was once a work of fiction. Now, even consumer models allow you to monitor your heart rate, sleeping patterns and physical activity, just to name a few functions. The world of medical technology holds even more sophisticated monitoring tools that can be linked directly to your medical care provider.

World’s Knowledge in the Palm of Your Hand

Many people think of their smartphones as toys rather than tools, but it is a portal to the collective knowledge of the whole human race. The answer to just about any question loads in milliseconds. Previously, information was scattered among dusty book volumes and academic papers with no way to quickly bring it all together.

The greatest time to be alive is right now, and every day is getting better for the whole of humanity. Technology and medicine are leading the way to a bright future full of possibilities just waiting to be discovered.

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