4 Ways To Make an Outdoor Event Truly Memorable

4 Ways To Make an Outdoor Event Truly Memorable

You want people to remember your event for the great time they have there, not for the things that went wrong. And, inevitably, some things will go differently than you hoped. Even though there will be plenty of things out of your control, you can take precautions to make your event is memorable for all the right reasons. Thinking ahead and covering your bases will go a long way to help. 

1. Bring the Action Up Close

Outdoor events are great, at least until you realize you are so far away that you can’t see what is going on upfront. Or, in the case of racing events, the course ifs spread out over a long distance. For this type of situation, outdoor video screens offer a great viewing experience for everyone, no matter how far away from it they are. This way you can get the whole experience of a live event while still getting to see the action up close. 

2. Plan for All Types of Weather

No matter how hard you plan, the weather has a way of throwing everything into chaos. Make the necessary arrangements for any reasonably foreseeable weather situations ahead of time so you aren’t left scrambling at the last minute. The guests will be happier and enjoy your event that much more if you think ahead. 

Have tents or coverings ready to go, including those for any performers and their equipment, in case of rain. Outdoor heaters and enclosures can help cut down the cold if your event is taking place where that might be a concern. Misting fans and cooling tunnels give people a quick break from stifling heat. 

3. Arrange for Adequate Restroom Facilities

No one wants to trudge back and forth to a dirty, overwhelmed portable toilet, making this one area where a little overkill is much appreciated. Plan for more facilities than you think you’ll need. it will cut down on lines as people wait, and you’ll see fewer complaints since the units will stay cleaner. If your event is prolonged, make arrangements to have the units cleaned every day so they stay as fresh as possible. Adding portable handwashing stations outside them is a great idea if you have the resources. 

4. Shed Ample Light on the Event

Lighting makes your event easier to navigate and safer for everyone involved. Make sure all parking areas, walking zones, and seating or activity areas have sufficient lighting for the conditions. No one wants to strain to see where they are going or what they are doing. 

Being proactive will help your event run smoothly. Taking a few extra steps to make your guests feel comfortable, safe, and involved will make it a memorable one. 

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