4 Jobs That Take You Outside a Traditional Office

4 Jobs That Take You Outside a Traditional Office

Are getting ready to enter the workforce or are looking for a chance to move into a new career? If you don’t enjoy the thought of spending 40 hours every week sitting in front of a computer, you can look for jobs that allow you to have a different sort of work life. Here are some interesting jobs that don’t require you to sit at a desk every day.

1. Truck Driver

Getting your commercial driver’s license can open up a new world of potential careers. Truck drivers get the opportunity to travel, see new areas, and work independently. You may be able to choose where you want to live, as there are bases for transportation companies throughout the country. You can also work toward being an owner-operator. Some north dakota cdl drivers purchase their own trucks so they can have more freedom in their freight, schedule, and routes.

2. Surveyor

If you enjoy maps and charts, you may want to think about becoming a land surveyor. Once you learn how to use the equipment, you can enjoy working outside in a variety of locations. Surveyors have a diverse client base: government agencies, private landowners, nonprofits, commercial developers, and environmental organizations, so job security is often good in this industry.

3. EMT

If you have a high tolerance for stress and a strong desire to help people, consider working as a first responder. Emergency medical technicians play a vital role in helping save people and transport them safely to medical facilities. This career may also be a good way to learn about the medical profession and decide if you want to pursue further education to become a doctor or nurse.

4. Pilot

Another job that doesn’t include sitting in a cubicle is being a pilot. Getting your license may require a significant investment of time and money, but once you have it, there are several possible career paths. You could find a job as a pilot for a commercial airline or a smaller charter service. Other options include becoming a flight instructor, an aerial firefighter, or an airborne geographical surveyor.

Part of choosing the right career path is considering what you want your daily routine to look like. Many industries center on computers and desks, but not everyone enjoys the thought of that kind of work environment. While many career paths end up in a conventional office setting, there are other jobs that provide a different daily experience. If you are looking for the chance to work outdoors or away from an office building, you can consider becoming an EMT, truck driver, pilot, or surveyor. 

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