Why Portable Generators are Perfect for Film Studios

Why Portable Generators are Perfect for Film Studios

There are many reasons to rent portable generators Fort Lauderdale FL. Some of the most common reasons you might need large, portable power sources is to help pull off large events like concerts, political rallies, performances and even powering office buildings in case of emergency. Another major industry that relies on portable power is that of the film and broadcast industry. Whether it’s for shooting a commercial, music video, episode or feature film or broadcasting a sporting event, there is no denying that flexibility, control, and reliability are a major concern. Here are some of the major reasons that portable generators can be a huge help for film and broadcasting.

Power When Filming in Remote Locations

There are many occasions (especially in film) where you’ll be required to shoot at a remote location. This could be a desert, a jungle, a forest or even a frozen tundra. When working in locations like this, having reliable equipment is key. Portable generators can come with power distribution systems and even HVAC units to help give you everything you need to successfully film while in the most unforgiving areas. The right generators are mechanically sound and can provide dependable operation throughout the entire production.

Quiet, Reliable Control

One thing that every set needs is the ability to control the sound. The last thing you want when trying to film a key sequence is for a loud, mechanical sound coming from your power source. With the right portable generators, you can get a power setup that not only provides reliable control to operate all of your filming equipment, but also one that reduces sound output. Depending on how the equipment is set up, you can hide sound in a lot of ways, but getting generators that provide power at low decibels from the get go makes the process even easier to execute.

A Variety of Rental Service Options

Depending on the portable generator rental service you use, you may have the ability to customize what comes with the rental. You can likely get just the equipment you need and run it yourself, or you may have the option to get a complete staff to come help set up, move and monitor the units both before, during and after production. Fuel trailers are another additional piece that can be added, if necessary. You can have access to onsite fueling through mobile fuel trailers that can be utilized.

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