What You Need To Know About Winter Storm Preparation

What You Need To Know About Winter Storm Preparation

When the meteorologist calls for heavy snow, it’s crucial for homeowners to be prepared. Severe winter weather such as blizzards has the potential to shut down a town, leaving people stranded inside their homes for days without power or the ability to go. This event is a time for patience and preparation. Be sure to do the following things to secure the premises.

1. Seal Off the Home

As the snow melts, it could intrude into the house, especially if windows and doors are not sealed properly. Take some time to recaulk these vulnerable spots. Insulate pipes to avoid breaks.

2. Purchase Supplies

It could be days before you can get to a store for essentials. Stock up on things that you’ll need for living and nutritional purposes. Store the items someplace where they are unlikely to get wet. In fact, some of these belongings may be best in a plastic tote, tucked away in a closet until needed. 

Grab the following for your preparation kit: 

  • Portable radio: If you lose cell service or television, this device keeps you aware of the weather changes. You can also listen to some music to de-stress.
  • Water: Buy bottled water to last for several days for multiple people. If you have pets, grab a gallon or two for them as well.
  • Non-perishable food: Buy canned food such as vegetables, soups and fruit. Cereal, bread and peanut butter work well also. For non-nut consumers, protein shakes offer vitamins and fill up the stomach.
  • Flashlights: Power may go out. Use this as a backup plan. Just check to see that they work and
  • First aid kit: Have bandages for any medical complications that may arise. Antibacterial cream is good to minimize infection.
  • Firewood: Temperatures are likely to drop. If the heater isn’t running, turn to the fireplace.
  • Extinguishers: When using heaters or a fireplace, flames are a possibility. Keep an extinguisher nearby.
  • Generator: This device provides energy to run one or more appliances. Maintain lights, heat or your refrigerator. Speak with experts in generator installs Philadelphia Pa to have one put in correctly.

3. Tend to Roof Issues

If shingles are damaged, the moisture may saturate into the ceiling. Fix any concerns early. If you don’t have time for that, tarp over the problematic spots.

Gather some blankets, and invest in some books and games. You may have some downtime ahead. Before you settle in for those quiet hours, care for your home. Minimize water intrusion and pick up necessary supplies. These steps prepare you for emergency situations.

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