What Are the Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Films?

What Are the Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Films?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is well-known for its high-grossing superhero blockbusters. However, tickets are always sold out every time a new film is released, and cinemas are packed with excited fans worldwide. This article will discuss some of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Iron Man

Despite the lack of fanfare, Iron Man is still a great movie. It marked the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and marked Marvel Studios as a blockbuster force. The film also built a direct path to The Avengers, the most popular superhero team in the MCU. While the film isn’t as good as its predecessors, it does hold its own. 

The movie’s villain may be a weak character. While the movie’s secret identity was Maya Hansen, studio rewrites made her a dreary, uninteresting character. The soldiers of Extremis are vague goons with no weaknesses. The final battle isn’t exciting. While many critics praised the film’s action sequences, most were underwhelmed.

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is a spectacular intergalactic battle flick with an interesting twist. With unanimous positive reviews, it’s the best MCU film.

Marvel fans will appreciate Thor’s complex relationship with his god-like sidekick, Loki. Although Thor is a super-hero, his relationship with the smarmy, sensitive Loki is complex. Hemsworth’s enigmatic character is endearing and disturbing, allowing for a lot of real emotion. In addition, fans will appreciate how Waititi handles the conflict between the two men.

Black Panther

In a world where most movies are about male protagonists, Black Panther is an incredibly positive development. Its female characters are underrepresented and deserve better representation, and this film does a great job of making them the center of attention. Previously, actresses had discussed making an all-female Marvel film, and they pitched the idea to Kevin Feige. In addition, actresses like Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Saldana had once pitched their versions of the movie to Feige.

While Black Panther is aimed at fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is also accessible enough to non-fans of the superhero genre. It provides a back door into the Marvel Cinematic Universe without riling non-Marvel fans. Despite being one of the best films of the MCU, it is essential to remember that the film is not a sequel.

Thor: Ragnarok 2

In Thor: Ragnarok 2’s long second act, the film’s comedic elements are consistently entertaining and witty. It also makes good use of Chris Hemsworth’s comedic chops, and director Taika Waititi (Ghostbusters, What We Do in the Shadows) demonstrates his talent for crafting memorable comedic moments. While The Dark World was a flop, it was still entertaining and signaled that the series needed to change the course of the character.

Thor: Ragnarok has earned high praise from critics and audiences alike. Its acclaimed score and clever political messages have made it one of the best superhero movies. Thor: Ragnarok 2 has become one of the best Marvel films ever made. We’re not the only ones who feel that way.

Captain Marvel

The latest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Captain, the first female-led MCU movie. Set in the 1990s, it features empowering female characters, excellent CGI skills, and a nostalgic nod to the original comic book series. However, it lacks the sexy humor of the previous MCU movies. While the story is a bit slow at times, Captain Marvel is worth seeing, if only for the excellent performances by its female cast.

The MCU is an organized and focused film, showcasing the strength of each character. Its story is rich in character development, with great performances from the main cast and the fun battle in Wakanda. The Avengers was a fantastic mega-team-up, and the film broke multiple international box office records. The DCEU tried to replicate this success but ultimately failed. Nevertheless, Captain Marvel is one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

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