What Are Ribbon Blenders?

What Are Ribbon Blenders?

Ribbon blenders are commonly used in industries that require massive amounts of dry product to be mixed simply and efficiently. They are long-lasting and can provide significant value compared to other more complex designs. Ribbon blenders are employed to mix plastics, coffee, pharmaceuticals, food products and much more.

Is your business looking for a mixing solution? A ribbon blender might be your answer. This article provides a quick overview of the ribbon blending mechanics and applications.

How Do They Work?

Ribbon blenders use a process called convective mixing. Material is mixed in the container with two or more “ribbons” which rotate in opposite directions. Commonly, only two rotating ribbons are required, but adding more can decrease mixing times. The ribbon mixer manufacturer will calibrate the shape and speed of the mixing for optimal results.

Tips for Efficiency

The time it takes to mix your material to the desired level will depend on several factors. First, the mixing speed needs to be calibrated. Running the blender too fast will not guarantee faster results. Most likely, your best option is to follow the manufacturer’s initial suggestions. You can always experiment with the speed for optimum results. The mixer also should not be full when operating. For different materials, you will have different optimum fill levels. This will require some experimentation. Finally, more minor ingredients should be added after the larger volume material. Usually, this is best done in the center of the blender.

Ribbon blenders must be well maintained and cleaned by the operator. Often, this is difficult due to the size and shape of the ribbons. Consult with the supplier or hire a professional for the best results.

In material mixing, ribbon blenders remain an efficient tool for all types of products. It is cost-effective and easy to maintain. Talk to your supplier about the best option for your business.

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