Trends in Screen Resolution

Trends in Screen Resolution

With all of the deals the come out around holidays for new televisions, speaker systems, video monitors, or other technological devices, it can be hard to resist heading to the store for a great deal. However, if you take a look at what is being offered, you might feel confused and overwhelmed by all of the different options available.  The latest trends in screens and televisions deal with the resolution.

What High Def Does

Pixels are the tiny building blocks that create the display for whatever you are viewing. They are the thousands of dots that create the picture appearing on the screen. The greater the number with rows of pixels, the higher the resolution your screen will display. The crisp clarity of resolution is more than entertainment-oriented. The medical touch screen monitors used by surgeons and physicians improve the accuracy of procedures, while high definition images improve security responses to things like the Boston Marathon bombing. The most common uses of high definition delivery are seen in household electronics like video games, television screens, and even mobile displays. The latest in tech development has been the introduction of the 4k resolution.

Invading the Market

The UHD- or Ultra High Def- screen has more than nine times the resolution of the standard 720 screens that most grew up with back in the day. A few years ago, screens with UHD were a luxury that few could afford, and many studies didn’t invest in production quality for these devices. With manufacturing and tech developments making the ultimate resolution more affordable for the average citizen, movie and video games releases are starting to support the movement.

If you are ready to upgrade your monitor or television set, consider the space and what your viewing usage is. While greater resolution is probably desired, in a small space, a 1080p screen will be just as impressive as a 4k. If you have a larger application, invest in the 4k, although the next improvement in resolution might be right around the corner.

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