Top Skills for Data Center Employees

Top Skills for Data Center Employees

Whether you are already a data center employee or you want to learn how to become one, it’s best that you know what skills are most valued by data center employers. Below are some of the top three most important skills anyone working at a data center should have. 

Network Security

Having previous experience working with network security is a great thing to have on your resume if you are applying to work at a data center. If you are already working at a data center, but don’t know much about network security, now could be the perfect time to learn. It could lead to a change in position or a promotion! There are many ways to learn more about network security, from taking classes to watching YouTube videos on the topic.

Project Management

While some employees working in data centers will not be managers, they should still have some project management skills. These skills can help employees to both work well on solo projects and on projects requiring teamwork. A good project manager will know how to keep organized, delegate tasks, and keep to a predetermined schedule. 

If you do not currently have project management skills and want to learn more about it, specifically in terms of data infrastructure management, then it is in your best interest to invest in data center training courses. Depending on what courses you choose, you can learn how to do anything from designing and building with data, as well as learning about the general operations and standards of a data center.

General Communication

It is true that having general communication skills is important no matter what field you are working in, and working at a data center is no exception. It is extremely important to know how to communicate when handling a lot of data. It is important that everyone working on a project knows how to read the data correctly. Without knowing how to do this, a whole project can be ruined. 

Both in-person and online/text-based communication are equally important. For this reason, it is important to know how to communicate well over email. Some tips for communicating well over email is to be clear, re-read emails before sending to check for tone, and to always check for typos that might change the meaning of your message.

Whether you need to know what skills to highlight on your resume when applying to work at a data center or if you want to improve your work at the data center you already work for, learning the above skills can be helpful. While they don’t guarantee a job offer or promotion, these skills can help you stand out from the average worker.

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