Old Electronics Piling Up? Here’s How to Clear the Clutter

Old Electronics Piling Up? Here’s How to Clear the Clutter

Technology is changing faster than ever, and most people want to keep up with the latest gadgets. So it’s not unusual to find yourself with a stash of cell phones, laptops and other electronics shoved in the closet to make space for the latest model. What many people don’t know, however, is what to do with all of that unwanted tech.

Can You Toss Them in the Garbage?

Though many electronics end up in landfills, it’s not the ideal destination for them.  Firstly, anyone can go to a dump and pick up discarded electronics. So if you’ve disposed of something with your personal information on it, it has the potential to be stolen and used without your consent. Additionally, Computers, phones, large appliances and the like are often made with a bevy of toxic chemicals and materials. When they sit in landfills and deteriorate, those chemicals leak into the earth and pollute our ecosystems.

Are Electronics Recyclable?

There are companies in every city that provide electronic recycling services. A quick internet search for something like ‘laptop recycling toronto’ will show you which companies are closest to you. Sometimes, companies will only pick up old tech if a certain amount or weight has been accumulated. In those cases, there are also drop-off stations available, often at large electronics stores, where you can leave one or two pieces. Be sure to always wipe your technology clean of any personal info before you leave it with a recycling service.

What Else Can You Do?

There are alternatives to recycling your electronics that don’t involve tossing them in the trash. You can also sell or donate them. Schools and libraries often take donations, and selling your barely-used laptop from last year to a student who needs it at a reduced cost is a great way to diminish your electronic waste while providing something of need to someone else.

Before you toss your tech in the garbage, consider the alternatives. Recycling, selling and donating are all ways to get the most out of unwanted electronics without damaging the environment.

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