How Oregon Plans to Normal Operations Post-COVID-19

How Oregon Plans to Normal Operations Post-COVID-19

As the nation tries to get back into some semblance of a normal routine following the outbreak of COVID-19, state-level governments are putting in place certain operating guidelines across the industries in order to reduce further spread of the virus and hopefully prevent another massive outbreak. With the various states dealing with the pandemic at different levels of severity, the restrictions for operations will vary by location. On the West Coast, policies in Oregon and California look very similar.

The West Coast Pact

The conflict between what the federal government has control over at the state level is ongoing, but the Oregon Governor Kate Brown, she has decided to work with the governors in both California and Washington to set up a West Coast pact to determine the extent of moving forward. These states had some of the earliest reported cases of the coronavirus within the U.S.,  with several companies relying on PR firms in Portland Oregon to help manage an accurate overview of the situation. However, now that the bulk of the scare is behind them, Governor Brown has offered a broad framework for her plan to reopen Oregon.

The New Normal

The conditions for a new normal include adequate protective gear for medical providers and facilities, a challenging situation that was uncovered during the outbreak. One healthcare PR company Portland residents are familiar with is dedicated to making sure such deficiencies won’t happen again. There will also be a statewide commitment to more adequate testing measures, both for antibodies and those that may have contracted COVID-19. Past the immediate concerns of identifying and treating those with the virus, Oregonians will also need to understand the areas of post-COVID-19 impact on their lifestyles.

The First Phase Requirements

The governor has a three-tiered plan for totally re-opening the state, though phase one is the only part that has been enacted so far. For restaurants and bars, all employees must wear masks at all times, all on-site operations must be shut down by 10 p.m., and all tables must be six feet apart to maintain the six-foot social distancing requirement. Any personal care service (salon, barbershop, etc.) must conduct a pre-appointment health check, maintain six-foot distancing between clients, remove all public-use products from waiting areas, and require face coverings for clients and employees. Other operations, such as churches or gyms, are to limit the number of occupants at one time and still practice social distancing and sanitation practices within the facility.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the face of American indefinitely. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best seems to be the approach to reopening states that have endured months-worth of lockdowns.

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