Designing Your Office Space

Designing Your Office Space

Even though many people are transitioning to work from home, many office buildings are still operating like usual. This means they also still have the age old problem of trying to find ways to boost productivity while maintaining a professional environment for their employees and clients. It might seem like a tall order, but there are plenty of different concepts to create cohesive, productive offices. Whether you’re using panel systems, an open concept, or grids of cubicles, every style has its pros and cons. There are also few other modern ideas you might not have considered that could be the answer to your issues.

Think About Colors

One thing many offices have in common is a drab interior consisting of various shades of white or beige. This can be especially so in rented spaces where the business owner may not have the luxury of repainting. Psychologists have found, however, that color can have a major impact on mood and productivity. Certain colors energize employees while others keep them focused and which you implement in your office can help you to set the overall mood you’re going for. If you want an energized team ready to think on their feet and get things done, think of vibrant colors like yellow and orange. Use a pop of color here and there to excite people. Or if you want people to stay focused on their tasks while remaining calm throughout the day, look to blues, greens, and other cool colors.

Make It Homey

Employees spend the vast majority of their time at work, so adding a few comforting touches can go a long way to encouraging people to keep working hard. Provide spaces that are comfortable and inviting so they have a nice place to go on their break or for lunch. Think about comfortable seating, gathering areas aside from a break room, and plants to make spaces warm and inviting. These areas can be a double benefit if employees are allowed to work on laptops and can venture to them when they need a break from their desk. It helps them to continue being productive while staying calm and taking the space or finding the friends they need to keep them motivated.

There are plenty of ideas on how to design a modern office, but considering things like colors and decor can go a long way to making your employees feel happy.

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