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Xbox One Fire Sale: Now $229 For A Limited Time

Xbox One  September 23, 2016  No Comments It appears that Gamestop is having a fire sale on older Xbox One models. Gamestop has discounted all old bundles from $250 down to $229. Which bundles are on sale you ask? Well all of them. The Quantum Break Bundle, the Gears Of War Ultimate Edition Bundle…etc. (Note: The sale appears to be limited to online […]

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Dell vs HP Desktop reviews & price

This article turns around isolating HP desktops and Dell desktops. Both of these affiliations are monstrous names in the PC hardware industry and offer an impressive proportion of choices for clients. Incidentally, which one enhances purchaser PCs? HP Desktop versus Dell Desktop PCs for Home Use: Which Brand? The Desktop PC incorporate is especially ground-breaking, […]