6 Steps To Applying for a New Job

6 Steps To Applying for a New Job

Before you can get a new job, you will need to go through the application process. Here are six easy steps to get you started.

1. Assess Your Motivation for a Change

Sometimes a change is good as a rest, or so they say. If you still have a job, maybe you are getting restless and are ready for something new. There are many reasons to consider a change. Maybe you are between jobs and it is time to start the application process. Whatever your motivation, it is good to understand your own reasons — because once you get as far as a job interview, that will be one of the first questions you are asked. 

2. Determine Your Availability

Perhaps you already work part-time in the mornings and are looking for something in the afternoons. Are you flexible with your schedule? How many hours a week are you willing to work? If you find a great full-time position, are you willing to quit your part-time job? Do you have limits due to health or family obligations? Knowing your availability will help you to narrow your employment search. 

3. List Your Interests and Qualifications

Take a blank piece of paper and write down everything that sounds fun to you. If you are musical or artistic or love baking cookies, write it down. Many times, hobbies can become our new profession. Companies need gardeners, writers, and electricians to stay in business. Brainstorm and don’t filter what you add to your list. This might take several days to complete your self-survey. Review and see if something has popped up that piques your interest. 

4. Update Your Resume

Once you know what kind of job really interests you at the moment, it is time to tweak your resume to reflect your new pursuits. Write your strengths and experiences that would qualify you for this new position. Include a personalized cover letter and be completely honest. Most companies request comprehensive background checks of all new employees and also review your social media accounts.

5. Reach Out to Your Connections

Send your new resume to your friends and family. Ask them to help in your employment search. They may know some opportunities that will be perfect for you to pursue. 

6. Give Yourself a Deadline

Don’t get stuck on any of the steps — they don’t have to be perfect. Set yourself a finish date for each item, and keep moving forward to your goal of getting a new job. 

Don’t let procrastination keep you from your dream job. Start on step one and you are on your way to something new and exciting!

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