4 One of a Kind Father’s Day Gifts

4 One of a Kind Father’s Day Gifts

Are you the type of person who never knows what to get the special man in your life for father’s day? Is he the type of father that has everything and is hard to buy for? If this describes your husband, father or grandfather, we have a few gift suggestions for you that are sure to please.

1. Customized Leather
If your father is someone who always likes to be put together and wearing his finest, then you can’t go wrong with a leather belt buckle. You can get it personalized with his name or you can ask the leathermaker to include in the design something important to your father. Go all out and get a matching belt for the full look. Your father will be the stylish one at the next barbecue.

2. Introduce a Hobby
Hobbies are the gift that keeps on giving, so if the dad in your life doesn’t have one yet, introduce him to one. If he is a beer drinker, get him a beer-making kit that he can set up in the garage. If he is a tinkerer, a woodworking kit or toolkit might be the perfect item to get started on creating fun objects. The amazing thing about a hobby is that you can buy gifts every year that go with that hobby.

3. Food
Even the man who has everything probably won’t say no to some food. The internet is awash in gourmet food options. You can get a food subscription service that sends coffee, jerky, chips, pretty much anything you can imagine monthly. If you don’t want to commit to that level of gift, choose a nice gift basket filled with your dad’s favorite foods.

4. Dad’s Day Out
If your dad really doesn’t want anything for father’s day, plan a special day for him. Ask him what his favorite activities are and plan the day around them. If he likes spending time outdoors, go to a park for a picnic lunch or take a hike. If he’s a sports lover, get tickets to a game. Find a nice restaurant you think he would enjoy. Make the day all about him.

The most important thing about Father’s Day is showing your love and appreciation. While your husband, father and grandfather will probably love whatever gift he gets, if you want to make the day extra special, follow our suggestions for a memorable Father’s Day gift.

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