3 Types of Pre-Employment Screenings You May Face

3 Types of Pre-Employment Screenings You May Face

If you’re looking for a job, then you likely already understand the importance of sending in resumes and professional cover letters. You have probably also done mock interviews to practice what you should say and be better prepared when the time comes to meet with the hiring managers doing the interviews. 

However, have you remembered to prepare for any pre-employment testing the position might require? Some employers want to ensure that you have a clean background or are physically healthy enough to do the job required. It is essential to understand what the job entails and what screenings you might have to pass before being hired when applying for positions. 

1. Job Knowledge

Taking a job knowledge skills assessment when being interviewed for a job is one of the most common kinds of screenings that you will see in the workplace. Employers want to ensure that you can prove that you actually know what you say you do. The screenings could range from being asked to type a letter with correct formatting to creating a spreadsheet and creating formulas. 

Additionally, if you will be working with a specific type of program specific to your profession, you will likely find that you are tested on your ability to use that. If a job posting says that there is a required job knowledge screening, don’t be afraid to reach out to the hiring manager and ask questions about the subject matter. 

2. Health Screening

Occupational health screenings are most known for physically demanding jobs such as police officers or firefighters. However, many other positions require a health screening of some kind. If you are applying to work with children or the elderly, you will likely find that you will be required to pass a TB test before you are offered employment. 

Another common health screening is a drug test. While some drugs might have become legal in your state, employers can still require a clean drug test. Additionally, it should be noted that if you are hired for the job, employers are legally allowed to randomly drug test employees as they see fit. 

3. Personality Test

A personality test is the quickest way for an employer to see if you will be a good fit for them. These tests are popular because you might be a smooth talker and can charm your way through an interview, but the tests are very hard to fool. The tests tell the employer your personality type, whether you’re a productive person or have a low engagement level, and even if you’re interested in a long-term career. 

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