3 Types of Cranes That Can Streamline Your Business

3 Types of Cranes That Can Streamline Your Business

When you see a large construction site you expect to see big construction cranes, but cranes aren’t just for building projects. A crane is any machine used to transport materials using an extending arm or beam. That means whether you’re in construction or manufacturing or you transport and deliver goods, there’s a crane out there that can make your job easier. Here are three types of cranes that can streamline your business operations.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are used to move heavy materials from one location to another over and over when your needs are static. These permanently installed cranes come as workstation cranes for light-duty needs, all the way up to single and double girder bridge cranes Louisville that easily move 100 tons at a time. Some of the work performed by an overhead crane includes:

  • Moving containers around transport hubs.
  • Transporting parts on an assembly line.
  • Moving materials more efficiently and safely.
  • Pulling dies for stamping machines.
  • Moving raw material into a machine for processing.

Mobile Cranes

As the name implies, mobile cranes can be utilized wherever you need them. If you do home upgrades and repairs, mobile cranes are your best friend. They quickly and safely lift HVAC units into position on rooftops. They’re also an integral part of any roofing or power project. Whether you’re reroofing, adding solar panels or building a wind turbine, a mobile crane will save you time and money getting the job completed. The other option is carrying each piece up a ladder by hand. 

Tower Cranes

Finally, tower cranes in all their iterations are the cranes most people think of when they picture a construction site. Tower cranes use the language of ships, with the central vertical post being the mast and the arm which extends from it and rotates around it being the jib. There are several varieties of tower cranes but all are primarily used for construction and high-rise projects.

Whether you flip homes for a living, install solar, provide transportation services or engage in traditional manufacturing, knowing your crane options can make a huge difference in your business model. When used properly a crane can make your work go more quickly but also create a safer work environment. You’ll save money by reducing breakages to products and by reducing potential injuries to your workers. Workers can be injured while carrying or manipulating heavy products and even suffer long-term injury from exposure to hazardous material when you don’t use a crane. Evaluate the work you do and talk to your local crane seller or lessor to see if a crane can streamline your business.

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