3 Questions Your Computer Repair Technician Will Ask You

3 Questions Your Computer Repair Technician Will Ask You

Technology is a wonderful thing. This is, it’s wonderful until it breaks down and brings your life to a screeching halt. Without your computer, you may not be able to work from home, track your finances online, or obsessively refresh your inbox waiting to get that email about that offer for your dream job. 

When you inevitably have to take your computer to a shop for computer repair Thornton CO the technician will need information. Be sure you can answer all their questions to save yourself and your tech some time.

1. Have You Been to Any Adult Sites?

The problem with your computer may simply be a virus. If that’s the case, the first thing any tech will ask you is if you’ve visited certain kinds of mature websites. Techs aren’t here to judge, they just have to ask because those sites tend to be hot spots for trojans, spyware, and malware, even if you’re using incognito or in-private browsing mode.

2. What Kind of Computer Is It?

Surprisingly, some computer owners can’t answer this. Just saying “laptop” or “desktop” isn’t what they’re looking for. When you make your appointment by phone, you’ll need to tell them the brand and model. Keep that information written down with your important papers, along with any modifications you’ve made to it like extended RAM or graphics cards. 

3. Have Any Liquids Spilled on It?

Did your cat knock your coffee onto your keyboard again? Water damage can cause serious internal issues to your hardware, and letting your tech know ahead of time will give them a place to start when trying to diagnose a problem. 

Giving your computer repair technician the information they need will help them find and fix the problem quickly so you can get back to your life and hopefully land that dream job.

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