3 Logistical Questions To Ask About Your New Premises

3 Logistical Questions To Ask About Your New Premises

After weeks of searching, you’ve picked the perfect location for your new business. It’s close enough to your market that you’ll receive plenty of business, and the building fits your aesthetic and mission. Before you’re ready to welcome your first customers, though, you must address these practical issues with your premises.

1. Do You Have Communication Services?

Although most buildings are connected to cable and telephone services today, if your store has been out of use for a while, it may be off the grid. Have a utility contractor Boca Raton FL examine your wiring and give you access to communication services again. You also need a way to access Wi-fi, so purchase a wireless router that works throughout your entire store. Without these services, you can’t contact vendors or customers, and you can’t use electronic payment services such as card readers, so it’s crucial that you invest in them immediately.

2. Do You Have Water?

Your building’s water access has also been shut off since no one has paid the water bill recently. Ask a professional inspector to look at your pipes and ensure that none of them are broken or rusted. This expert should also test for lead and other poisonous metals. Once these inspections are complete and you’ve finished any repairs, contact your water company and pay to rejoin the water network. Do not open your store without water access, since you need it for drinking, cleaning, and hygiene purposes.

3. Do You Have Emergency Supplies?

Hopefully, you’ll never have an emergency at your store, but you can’t count on staying disaster-free, so you must have a variety of emergency supplies before you open. For fire prevention, install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers throughout your store, and write your address next to the fire extinguisher so you know where to send the fire department. You need multiple of each fire prevention tool if you have more than one main area. Add a carbon monoxide detector to watch out for the poisonous gas, and don’t forget a basic first aid kit. Keep an automated external defibrillator on hand in case someone has a heart attack. These supplies are often expensive, but they’re a crucial part of your first budget.

When you’re opening a new business, it’s easy to get so caught up in the exciting details that you forget more practical matters. These three questions get you back on track for your opening day.

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