10 Best Magic Chef Wine Cooler reviews & prices

We’ve been surveying wine coolers since 2010 and starting late consumed 40 hours asking about the latest examples to add to our past testing foundation. We visited with a couple of wine authorities to get some answers concerning wines all around and what to look for in a quality cooler. We feel the Magic Chef MCWC12B wine refrigerator is the best choice for the most part talking since it strikes a conventional congruity between premium features and esteem, holds a tolerable proportion of wine and is adequately insignificant to sit on your counter. The cooler’s thermoelectric cooling structure is imperativeness gainful and runs subtly.

1. Magic Chef PKTEWC18

The Magic Chef PKTWEC18 holds a liberal 18 bottles, yet it’s little enough to fit on a kitchen counter. It uses a beneficial thermoelectric cooling system and has a temperature extent of 53 degrees to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

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2. Magic Chef MCWC12B

The Magic Chef MCWC12B is a money related arrangement all around arranged, normal size wine cooler that holds 12 bottles. It has a temperature extent of 54 degrees to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, or, at the end of the day for a few wines.

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3. Magic Chef CWF340DZ

This wine cooler has two temperature zones, so you can store both your reds and your whites. Its wood-trimmed wire racks look exceptional, and the cooler unequivocally controls its inside temperature.

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4. Magic Chef DWC93BLSDB

The Magic Chef DWC93LSDB is an OK choice for white, sweet and sparkling wines, and it’s adequately immense to hold a critical gathering. Nevertheless, it doesn’t get adequately warm for some darker red wines.

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5. Magic Chef KRC30SZB

The Magic Chef KRC30SZB is a top notch wine cooler that holds 30 bottles as soon as possible and demonstrates your wines on wooden resigns in a way that makes it easy to scrutinize the names without ousting them from the icebox.

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6. Magic Chef TWR181ES

The Magic Chef TWR81ES has an important temperature run that can reasonably chill 18 red and white wines at the perfect temperatures.

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7. Magic Chef 272031805

This twofold zone, separated wine cooler can properly cool both white and red wines, settling on it a capable choice for cooling your wine gathering.

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8. Magic Chef EWC1201

The little anyway versatile Magic Chef EWC1201 has a vital temperature go for a thermoelectric cooler. This wine fridge holds 12 bottles at one time. In spite of the way that it is generously more noteworthy than various units that hold a comparative proportion of wine, the Avanti EWC1201 is up ’til now preservationist enough to fit on a counter.

9. Magic Chef FRW1225

This thermoelectric cooled wine refrigerator is essentialness successful, notwithstanding the wellbeing glass keeps up inside temperature by blocking UV shafts.